All content of this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or act as a substitute for professional medical advice. It does not replace the need for services by medical professionals and as such any changes to your current treatment should be discussed with your GP. Additionally, any questions concerning medical issues should also be directed towards your doctor.

For issues such as depression and pain management I will require you to have consulted with your GP before I consent to undertake hypnotherapy with you. This requirement may extend to other issues depending upon their severity and your treatment goals. It is also important to note that with pain management, physical pain sometimes manifests because there is an underlying issue that requires medical treatment. Whereas hypnosis can help alleviate symptoms, it is highly important that you first consult with your GP as we do not want to ‘mask’ symptoms that could be signalling the need for urgent medical attention.

As with everything in life there really can be no guarantees that any of these courses of action will solve your issues. However, as your therapist I can make the promise to you that I will be fully committed to help you to overcome your issues and to make the changes that you desire. It is my intention to help you help yourself in such a way as to provide you with the experience of a deep self-awareness that can facilitate cognitive restructuring and the installation of new behaviours, thus empowering you to make profound and positive change to your life.

Hypnotherapy with me does not stop when a session ends. I will set you agreed homework tasks to complete outside of the therapy room that are designed to enhance the benefits of the work that we carry out during sessions and to further your progress towards meeting therapeutic goals. It is of course entirely up to you as to whether you complete these tasks, but it is of my honest opinion that they do enhance the likelihood of successful treatment outcomes by facilitating constant, positive progression in your treatment.

Payment can be made either through my online checkout system, through a bank transfer or in cash on the first day of treatment following an assessment consultation which successfully determines your suitability for treatment.


Can’t make your appointment?

In the event that you are unable to make your appointment then please do your very best to ensure that you provide me with at least 24 hours notice. If you miss an appointment or need to cancel then we can of course reschedule, but failing to provide with 24 hours notice will result in me having to charge you 50% of the session fee.

Hypnotherapy is evidenced to provide many benefits, but please note that hypnosis does not substitute proper medical attention.

Hypnotherapy downloads are not recommended for anybody experiencing mental disorders or psychiatric conditions.

Never listen to hypnosis audios whilst driving or operating machinery and always choose a safe and secure environment. The audio products have been developed to assist you but can give no guarantee; you are the only one who can provide a guarantee of your own success.