There are plenty of different emotions that we go through during the day, many of us can handle these feelings and stay in control. However, for many individuals, controlling their wrath is often very difficult, causing great difficulties in their life for themselves and people near them. Other problems such as stress, anxiety or even depression can also be linked with anger management problems, but all of these concerns can be dealt with.

When a person gets angry, they will often find their heartbeat increases along with blood pressure as chemicals in the blood such as adrenalin are pumped around the body.

These scenarios could make it progressively difficult to manage day to day life and for a good number of people they may encounter problems within their relationships, family, friends and also their job.

People with anger management issues may encounter road rage, violent encounters and by and large actually feel discomfort with everything they encounter. Long term unresolved anger can create a downward spiral leading to mental health problems such as depressive disorders, as well as medical problems such as raised blood pressure.

The triggers for rage can be numerous and varied, as everybody is affected by different things to different levels. It is frequently painful past experiences, the requirement to be in control, feeling insecure or inadequate and hard life situations that trigger anger problems. Hypnotherapy can treat all of the factors that surround anger management quickly and efficiently.

Hypnotheraputic strategies would concentrate on finding and dealing with any underlying beliefs that are creating the wrath and would do so by assisting the subconscious to develop new thought processes and patterns of behaviour. As a by product, hypnosis will also help the person to actually feel calmer and more relaxed every day which can lead to happier life.

The techniques I use in hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP & EMDR help to alter the responses to certain situations, so as to prevent reactions of anger recurring. This helps the person truly feel more in charge, which in turn helps them feel at ease quicker than before.

By establishing the possible root cause and managing symptoms of anger in this way, the individual is likely to begin to see substantial changes in their life, with enhancement in relationships, social scenarios and general day to day encounters.