Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Strategies

More than at any other time, it is now perceived as vitally important that people stop smoking. With assorted projects running across the country and encouragement to get cigarette smoking cessation advice, it is now quite tough to get away from it.

Warnings about the dangers of cigarette smoking surround us and the accompanying risks are well known. Hypnotherapy processes are considered a real option as a substitute treatment that can help a person make favourable life changes. When a person ultimately stops, the benefits to health are substantial. This life transforming event is achievable in as little as one 2 hour session with a professional hypnotherapist, and proves to be far more effective way of kicking the habit than any of the more conventional forms of treatment.

Stop smoking hypnosis looks to reprogramme your subconscious into believing you’re a non-smoker, and assisting to curb the urges to smoke a cigarette. During the consultation the hypnotherapist might look at the existing drivers behind your smoking behaviour that sabotage your efforts to stop.

Through this assessment of your smoking patterns, the hypnotherapist can apply an approach that is unique to you and suits you.

According to the New Scientist, that published the largest ever scientific comparison of ways to stop cigarette smoking, hypnosis is the most effective way of getting rid of cigarettes.

You need to want to stop permanently. Without commitment, all forms of hypnotic treatment have little probability of success. Understanding the damaging effects of smoking at a conscious level is also important and how these may affect you in the future unless you stop.

The hypnotherapist will help the subconscious to accept and believe that you have become a non smoker permanently. When you stop cigarette smoking the advantages become visible quite quickly, in fact you will start to notice changes in just a few days. Not only might you really feel notably fitter, you might find that you don’t really feel out of breath as quickly as you would before. Your blood pressure and pulse may return to normal and your lungs could begin to expel the damaging substances created through smoking cigarettes.

Importantly, people around you will also benefit by you not cigarette smoking.

New scientist research

Experts also found that quitting smoking can be just as effective in tackling depression and anxiety as taking antidepressants.

Writing online in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), researchers said the effect of quitting was the same, if not bigger, than for the tablets.

The team, from the universities of Birmingham, Oxford, and King’s CollegeĀ London, analysed 26 studies for their research.

They found quitters experienced a significant drop in anxiety, depression and stress.