Losing someone important to you is one of the hardest things to experience in life and if you’re young, bereavement can be even more difficult. But support and advice are available to help you get through it. Grieving is a natural part of recovering from a bereavement, and everyone’s experience of grief is different. There are no rules about what we should feel, and for how long. But many people find they need help to deal with their emotions.

Let go of grief with the help of self hypnosis / hypnotherapy.

Losing someone we love is likely the hardest experience any of us will ever face. The pain and the void it leaves us with can be overwhelming and immeasurable. Everyone experiences grief in their own way and on their own schedule, but for some of us it can be hard to move beyond this.

The emotions we feel during times of grief are numerous and varied. Sadness, anger, fear, appreciation, loneliness, denial, acceptance – all of these feelings seem to exist simultaneously and then suddenly not at all, replaced by the monumental emptiness that is our loss. At times it can seem like things will never feel normal again, but they can.

Death is an unfortunate part of life. It cannot be avoided. It is hard to appreciate this painful part of our existence, but inside each of us is the ability to let loved ones live on through the memory and connection that is our love. Once we are able to process our grief we can begin to feel this connection once again.

No matter what your personal beliefs are, you can connect with the love of a person even after their death. You can learn to experience this closeness and let your grief begin to subside.

You can see them at peace and celebrate their spirit while honouring the relationship you had with them when they were alive. It is a difficult process, but one you have the strength to survive.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Stop the suffering and let the healing process begin!
  • Feel the connection of love in your heart forever!
  • Let go of your grief and appreciate life again!

With a combination of talk therapy, CBT and hypnotherapy You can begin to replace your grief with an even stronger connection to your love for the person you lost. In time you will experience a renewed passion for life and be at peace with the balance of nature.

  • I was so incredibly sad from my grief when we first met, you have given me the courage and the tools to move forward, I honestly feel you saved my life.

    Franie, Bracknell
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