happyClinical depression that it lasts longer than two weeks. If your depressed mood sticks around consistently for longer than two weeks, it might be more than a mood; it might be a major depressive disorder. For a clinically depressed person, the sadness sticks around for most of the day and returns most days. If you’re losing interest in most of the activities in a given day, day after day, then you might be dealing with more than stress, you could be dealing with a major depressive disorder.

Hypnosis for depression uses a combination of approaches and is geared towards using a solution –oriented focus. Hypnotherapy for depression enables new strategies to be identified, learned, developed and used in daily life. It is a method of overcoming this disorder thereby re-orientating you back to healthier living, building specific strategies to encourage, empower and facilitate the process. It also builds life long skills and resources for you to make healthier choices in a future full of possibilities .

Because the focus of Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP is on creating change in the unconscious mind, I know they are all very useful for alleviating and dealing with the symptoms and causes of depression, and assisting my clients to experience being more self-assured and positive in their lives.

I’ve heard someone say depression is like being stuck a very long way down inside a deep, very dark hole, with no way of ever getting out. Others say they lack energy and can’t focus; some get irritable and snappy for no obvious reason whilst others can’t sleep. And whilst the symptoms of depression can vary from person to person, one thing remains constant; it is one of the most debilitating conditions of our times.

If you have depression, you probably feel quite ‘alone’, even if in reality you have many people about you. Almost one in six people will suffer with depression at some point in their lives. Yet many people chose to go through life without seeking help, accepting depression is ‘a part of life’.

I say you shouldn’t accept it: Depression is Treatable. There are so many therapies and medications available, as well as Hypnotherapy, which have an impact on the symptoms. In addition to relieving symptoms, hypnosis helps deal with the cause.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP is due to the fact that the behaviour that keeps us depressed resides in our unconscious mind, the same part of our mind that determines our beliefs, emotions and behaviours. It’s our unconscious mind that’s responsible for getting us deeply absorbed in negative thinking, behaving & relating that are so often the symptoms of depression that emerge.

Hypnotherapy steps around the conscious mind and produces an alternative state of consciousness where your attention is focused on an alternative reality. A bit like day-dreaming, attention can be centred on certain images, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that help change our normal reactions and learned behaviours, in addition to creating brand new perspectives from past memories.

It’s because Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP will focus on bringing about change to our unconscious mind, I have discovered that these therapies  are extremely useful for easing the symptoms of and overcoming the causes of depression – to help retrain you to be more resourceful and positive. Hypnosis has been proven to be an effective and fast way to teach people new ways to think; a method for opening up new possibilities, in a natural and structured way.

  • When I first went to Theresa I was desperately unhappy with myself, felt no self worth and becoming increasingly depressed. My relationship was in tatters and I was viewing life as a big black hole with no way out…… Four sessions later I can’t believe I was the same person who felt that way! The NLP and CBT combined with the hypnotherapy totally changed my outlook on how i view myself and my life. I worked hard to implement all the changes and techniques Theresa taught me and the difference was amazing. My relationship is better and I actually believe in myself again! I cannot thank her enough.  

    Kirsty, Reading
  • This therapy has given me the strategies to help me through the difficult days and shown me I can move forward in my life. I know I can conquer my issues with the help you have given me. Thank you.

    Linda, Reading
  • I was so incredibly sad from my grief when we first met, you have given me the courage and the tools to move forward, I honestly feel you saved my life.

    Franie, Bracknell
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