Public Speaking

Fear of speaking to an audience is sometimes referred to as an anxiety disorder and is an irrational fear of talking to a group of people where you are on display. Fear of public speaking is also considered a phobia which is exhibited through self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Fear of public speaking is a very common phobia and can be very distressing but can easily be erased allowing you to enjoy the experience without suffering psychological hardship. Fear and excitement are actually the same feeling in the body yet we actually choose how to channel it.

The most common fear in the world is fear of public speaking or performing in front of an audience.

There are certain triggers that bring on those anxious feelings associated with fear of public speaking which are as follows:

  • Afraid of being centre of attention
  • Observed whilst performing a task
  • Having to ensure continuation of conversation
  • Being criticized
  • Speaking with important individuals
  • Feeling of not being good enough
  • Fear of failure
  • Concerns of poor performance

My combination of techniques of hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking will give you back the control when in engaging with others no matter what the size of the group or audience. One way in which this is achieved is by Changing Limiting Beliefs (CLB) about engaging with others so you have a different emotional response when communicating.

It is normal to be apprehensive before giving an important speech but if you suffer from fear of public speaking you will often worry for months beforehand and experience debilitating symptoms and try any method to get out of the situation and possibly be so overwhelmed when making the speech you have to prematurely end it.

Other symptoms may manifest themselves by way of profuse sweating or shaking vigorously. These symptoms can be very frightening at the time and although there is usually no long term damage it can be very demoralising at the time.

The important thing to remember is that the help is out there and anyone can be confident at public speaking and enjoying engaging with any size audiences. The biggest step is admitting to yourself you need help. The solution is the easy part but it takes a decision and only you can decide.

Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking is the most successful cure yet as it treats your subconscious beliefs about engaging with others. These beliefs trigger any number of emotions at different times of the day.

Change the internal conflict permanently and enjoy public speaking for life

The session is bespoke to the client’s specific needs. Any other hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking that offers a one size fits all is destined to fail.

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