Removing the urge to Gamble

gamblingThere is a way to resolve problem gambling that is focused on the roots of the issue in a manner that is so efficient that most other treatment methods cannot compare. Not just that, but it also empowers people by teaching tools and techniques which give them back control.

This powerful approach is hypnosis, eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR) cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Problem gambling can creep up gradually, and just as non-gamblers struggle to understand why someone could risk everything when the chances are so clearly against them, gamblers are normally unaware that their habit has changed into a problem.

If you are gambling beyond your means or maybe you discover yourself to be defending your gambling behaviour to friends and relations then the chances are you have a gambling problem.

Problem gambling can seem so overwhelming that for countless it seems difficult to stop.

The grip of this obsession can reside within a person in a way that only hypnotheraputic solutions could stand a chance of getting rid of it.

There are plenty of problems which arise, take control and provoke havoc in the compulsive gamblers everyday life.

Quite a few gamblers should become more and more isolated from family and friends, which wipes out other types of pleasure and further fuels the gambling habits.

As the habits take hold, it’s not uncommon for gamblers to begin lying to hide both the gambling behaviour as well as to conceal losses.

They begin to fall into the trap of gambling to get out of financial troubles generated by overzealous gambling.
As money becomes tight, a gambler would normally start looking for other sources of cash, perhaps by selling much-loved items, borrowing money from friends or family or leaving bills outstanding.

This vicious cycle can be broken by making use of hypnosis.

By using hypnotherapy specialist techniques we can deal with the underlying thoughts that drive this problem behaviour.

Many of these may be early life trauma, large amounts of stress, a deficiency of self-confidence, low self-esteem and/or a consistently debilitating depression.

The gambling behaviour normally cause such a lot of havoc in their life that the gambler has no idea why they went down this destructive path.

The gambling behaviour is simple to change when you get access to the subconscious beliefs the way hypnotherapy treatments do.

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